What is Gyoseishoshi Lawyer?

What is Gyoseishoshi Lawyer?

Gyoseishoshi lawyer is a legal profession which acts on Gyoseishoshi Law, and whose work is, as a representative, to produce documentation such as application for permission that are to be submitted to governmental agencies, "document or drawing relating to rights, duties or certification of facts" such as agreements and written will, and other documents.

Scope of work administered by Gyoseishoshi lawyer is roughly classified in categories as follows:

 - Produce documentation for submission to government/public agencies, as well as document or drawing relating to rights, duties or certification of facts.

 - Represent client for process of documentation submission to government/public agencies.

 - Produce agreement and related documentation as a client's representative.

 - Provide consultation for inquiries regarding producing the documentation mentioned above.

This website is created explicitly for "Application for Status of Residence / Permission for Permanent Residence".

As a practical example of our service for "Application for Status of Residence / Permission for Permanent Residence", please refer to"Reward amount for our comprehensive services for Status of Residence, Permission for Permanent Residence, or other immigration related applications".

We strive to serve with our best for client's satisfaction, one client at a time, through our service for "Application for Status of Residence / Permission for Permanent Residence".

Additional Information about "Gyoseishoshi"

Additional Information about "Gyoseishoshi"

It is a long word, isn’t it? (Gyo-sei-sho-shi). The title "Gyoseishoshi Lawyer" is a trademark registered by Gyoseishoshi Lawyers Association in Japan for official title use.

Here is a brief biographical data about “Gyo-sei-sho-shi” Lawyer.

This vocabulary “Lawyer” in this profession represents a meaning of specialist in a realm of law. Speaking of professions in a realm of law, in Japan, it can be said that there are three major professions. They are: Attorney/Lawyer, Gyoseishoshi Lawyer, and Shihoshoshi Lawyer. Each profession is for different legal needs.

This title, Gyoseishoshi Lawyer, is being changed from its previous title in year 2007. So, it is fair to say that it is a recent change and it still is in a transition period for unification of English title. Because of the transition period, you may have seen other English translation of this profession.

Looking back, this profession had been crowned with a title called Gyo-sei-dai-sho-ninn, and its English translation was “Administrative Scrivener” so you might have seen it. Then the title was changed to a slightly different name “Gyoseishoshi” in year 2007. Not only the name change, there has been changes in role by law revision as well. The difference in the name would not be sufficiently reflected or represented for the current role pertained to Gyoseishoshi Lawyer, if we continued using the same translated title “Administrative Scrivener”. Thus far, there is no appropriate English word that represents what Gyoseishoshi Lawyers do. In order to represent correctly, a registered trade mark as official title in English was born: “Gyoseishoshi Lawyer”. 

Now, Gyoseishoshi is not only a long word but also uneasy to pronounce or understand for a foreign national who is not familiar with Japanese language. As a reference, in USA, a legal professional who handles immigration matter is referred as Immigration Lawyer. Thus, for easier and faster understanding of the word “Gyoseishoshi” for a foreign national without consulting a dictionary, the word “immigration lawyer” is being used for courteous ground in our websites.

“Gyoseishoshi Lawyer” is being translated in English as: Administrative Lawyer, Administrative Lawyer (Documentation), Public Notary, Solicitor (in Great Britain), and perhaps more out there. Immigration related governmental literature in Japan describes this profession in English as “Certified Administrative Procedures Specialist”, for explanatory purpose only. So, you may have seen these titles in English, also.

Bottom line is - All these different titles mean one same legal profession:

Gyoseishoshi Lawyer / Immigration Lawyer

Gyoseishoshi Lawyer/Immigration Lawyer Jun Tateda practices primarily, but not limited to, in Nagano and Niigata Prefectures. Please feel free to contact us with your inquiry.

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